Expert-Recommended Tips for Oriental Rug Cleaning Berkeley

oriental rug cleaned by Turko Persian Rug Cleaning

Turko Persian Rug Cleaning Expert-Recommended Tips for Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Owning a hand-knotted Oriental rug is a joy – when properly cared for, these rugs can last for decades or even centuries. However, they require specialized cleaning techniques to keep them looking vibrant and extend their lifespan. Don’t risk damaging your investment with DIY cleaning attempts. Instead, follow these professional tips from Turko Persian Rug Cleaning, Berkeley’s trusted Oriental rug cleaning specialists.

Handle with Care

Oriental rugs are intricate works of art and should be treated as such. Never fold or crease the rug for storage or cleaning. Carefully roll up the rug pile-side out or carry it flat to avoid damage to the fragile fibers. Our pros who do oriental rug cleaning in Berkeley always handle them with the upmost professionalism and care as if they were our own.

Pre-Inspect for Pet Urine

Cat and dog urine can permanently stain Oriental rug fibers, so it’s critical to pre-inspect rugs for pet waste odors or yellowed spots. Our experts use UV light to detect even faint signs of pet accidents on Berkeley rugs. We can then customize our Oriental rug cleaning process to completely sanitize and deodorize.

Dust Thoroughly First

Before washing, thoroughly dust Oriental rugs to remove dry soil that could grind into the fibers when wet. Our Berkeley Oriental rug cleaning technicians gently dust rugs outside using specialty suction tools, then edge-vacuum both sides. This prevents dust from spreading into your home post-cleaning.


Rinse Thoroughly

After washing, Oriental rugs must be rinsed repeatedly to fully flush out all soap residues that could attract dirt over time. Our rug cleaning team performs multiple hot water extraction rinses until water runs clear. We then use our powerful centrifugal spin dryer to remove excess water.

Dry Flat Immediately

Leaving Oriental rugs to air dry could warp the fibers. Each rug needs to lay completely flat for even, controlled drying in a temperature-controlled environment. This preserves the rug’s shape and texture.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Berkeley? Get It Now!

To keep your oriental rugs looking beautiful for decades, we recommend professional cleaning every 2-3 years for light use rugs, or annually for heavy use high-traffic areas. Trust our Oriental rug care experts at Turko Persian Rug Cleaning in Berkeley, CA – call 510-649-9805 today to schedule your next cleaning!

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