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Turko Persian Rug Cleaning Services in Bay Area

Rug Repair & Restoration

Turko Persian Rug Cleaners offers an exceptional rug repair and restoration service that breathes new life into your treasured rugs. Whether your rugs have suffered from fraying edges, unraveling threads, or moth damage, our skilled artisans have the expertise to meticulously repair and restore them to their original glory. From re-fringing and reweaving to overcasting and rug dying, our comprehensive range of services ensures that every detail is attended to with precision. Don’t let your rugs lose their beauty and value. Take action now and entrust your rug repair and restoration needs to Turko Persian Rug Cleaners. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and bring back the splendor of your rugs for generations to come.

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At Turko-Persian Rug Cleaning Company we serve the entire San Francisco area with years of experience and the skills to repair all types of rug damage.

Rug Cleaning and Restoration Services

Turko Persian Rug Cleaning Services

Turko Persian Rug Cleaners understands the challenges of pet stains and odors, and our expert technicians employ advanced techniques to eliminate them, rejuvenating your rugs and eliminating odors. Additionally, we provide comprehensive services such as rug re-fringing, reweaving, overcasting, and rug sizing, ensuring meticulous restoration to their original splendor. With our extensive experience in moth damage repair, we effectively address the detrimental effects of moths on your valuable rugs, preserving their beauty and ensuring their long-lasting quality.


The Turko-Persian Rug Cleaning Company Comes Highly Recommended!

The two rugs you cleaned for me look great. I’m very happy – but I must say. The job you did on repairing that old rug was wonderful. I haven’t see it look this good for many years. Great job!
Nina M.
San Francisco, CA
I would like to thank you for the excellent cleaning of my three rugs. They are beautiful and clean. Thank you, too, for taking such tender loving care of treasured Spanish rug!
Susan B.
Bay Area, CA
Thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did in cleaning my rug. It looks better than it has in years!
Megan L.
Napa, CA
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