Our Rug Stain Removal Process: Oriental Rug Stain Removal in Berkeley, California with Turko Persian Rug Cleaners

oriental rug cleaning berkeley ca by Turko Persian Rug Cleaning professionalAs the leading provider of Oriental rug stain removal in Berkeley, California, Turko Persian Rug Cleaners has a wealth of expertise and knowledge that sets us apart. Let’s delve into our meticulous process that ensures your Oriental rugs remain as vibrant and beautiful as the day you bought them.

Understanding the Stain

The first step in our Oriental rug cleaning process is understanding the stain. Different stains require different treatments, and our team of experts is trained to identify and treat a wide range of stains, from wine spills to pet accidents.


Once we’ve identified the type of stain, we move on to the pre-treatment stage. This involves applying a specialized cleaning solution to the stained area. The solution we use depends on the type of stain and the material of your rug, ensuring an effective and safe.

Deep Cleaning

After pre-treatment, we carry out a deep cleaning of your rug using traditional methods combined with modern technology. This step ensures not just the stain, but all dirt and grime are removed, providing comprehensive rug maintenance.

Stain Extraction

The next step in our Oriental rug stain removal process involves extracting the stain using professional-grade equipment. This step is crucial to ensure that the stain is completely removed and won’t reappear over time.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Once the stain extraction is complete, we perform a post-cleaning inspection. This allows us to ensure that the stain removal has been successful and that your rug is in perfect condition.

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Finally, we dry your rug using a method that best suits its material and weave. Proper drying is essential to avoid any potential water damage or mold growth, ensuring your rug remains in pristine condition. At Turko Persian Rug Cleaners, our extensive knowledge and years of experience make us the best choice for Oriental rug stain removal in Berkeley, California. Our thorough process ensures that your rugs are treated with the utmost care and respect they deserve. Trust us to restore your rugs to their original beauty, removing even the most stubborn stains with ease.

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